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Thread: Suspension 2009 R1200RT

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    Suspension 2009 R1200RT

    Hello, my name is Ludwig, I am 6 ft tall and weigh 285 lbs. my bike has 64,000 miles and I am scrapping pegs. It was discovered that my ESA was not working and after shock therapy that has been rectified. When I ride the bike sans bags it seems to work OK. Once saddle bags are introduced ( 17.5 and 16.2 lbs ) scraping comes back. I will check again on my riding technique. Any suggestions. Enjoy. Thank you.

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    Your springs were chosen for a "typical" rider that weighs about a 100 pounds less than you do. At that mileage the shocks are worn out.

    Talk to the folks at BeemerShop for new springs and shocks that are designed for YOU:
    2006 R1200RT

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    As Larry says, Ted from is your man.
    He suggested a set of Tractive to lower and retain the ESA. For that I have
    sent in my rear shock, since they use the oem motor. But then again, he
    can suggest what is best for you. Good luck with making your bike to
    suit you! We are all different, but we can mold the bike to suit us!

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    Hello, thank you for your feedback, I was recommended by Jim Ford to get in touch with Ted. I believe he is California. I was also told to look for Klaus Hueneke from Epm Performance Import. Have you heard of him. He is in New Jersey. Thank you

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    Suspension 2009 R1200RT

    There are two ways to modify the performance of our bikes. The easy way is to pay for better performing parts. The hard way is to improve the performance of our minds and bodies. Lots of us take rider training, but how many of us say, say, "if I drop 50 pounds my bike won't work as hard and will perform better."

    Easy for me to say; a lot harder to do. I'm 6' tall and 235 pounds. I'm seriously trying to get my weight down, not just for the better ride but for the healthy life ride.

    Perhaps you're an inverted pyramid, or are carrying nothing but rock hard muscle. If so good for you. If not, you're like me, and are asking your heart to do a lot of extra work and there a few upgrades to a failing heart.

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