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Thread: 2007 k1200 GT stalled requesting feedback on what may have caused it

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    2007 k1200 GT stalled requesting feedback on what may have caused it

    2007 K1200GT coming home from work this morning, first 30 miles were on the highway.
    Getting off a long exit ramp I noticed the bike began to backfire numerous times.
    Once I came to a stop the bike stalled, turned it over a few times , ran rough for approximately 5-10 sec then seemed to run normally.
    Any recommendations on what would cause this, and / or items to check or test will be greatly appreciated

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    Bad gas? Clogged fuel filter? Gas cap not venting properly?

    Bike in need of an Italian tune-up? (Run it up to redline full throttle in all gears)
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    Drained the fuel , will install new fuel filter give it go.

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    From the symptoms described, it sounds electrical to me - intermittent connection, dying coil or ignition sensor (does this version have two coils that fire two plugs? Some use sticks). If it happens again, try to catch what the instruments do at that moment, that'll be a clue.
    Gas or lack thereof should be repeatable over time (but never when the doctor is watching).

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    I have a 2008 K1200GT with 126,500 miles on it. I also know three other folks who have or who have owned a GT or an S.

    My GT will occasionally sputtered and die coming to a stop or when slowing way down, like in a dirt construction zone.

    Another GT owner would have erratic running until the bike was turned off and back on. Rebooting the computer so to speak.

    All the K1200GT/S owners I know said that their bike would immediately fire back up, or if the ignition switch was toggled off and on, would run normally again.

    Talking to Mr. Tom Cutter about the problem with the early slant K bikes, he believes it is a firmware/software problem.

    Some bikes have been "cured" by being re-flashed by a dealer. Some not.

    How many miles do you have? When was the last service? Do you do your own services? How many times has this happened?

    How do your ride it? WOT or pretty much under 6 grand.

    Give us some more info so we can see what your bike's pattern is.

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