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Thread: Throttle lock for r1200r, 07 with heated grips?

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    Throttle lock for r1200r, 07 with heated grips?

    Need your help!
    What is the best throttle lock that will not interfere with my heated grips?
    I have used the locks on other brands over the years and understand the danger. These are only used on long highway trips to give my right hand a break.

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    I have one of these on my 2011 R1200R. I greatly prefer the little toggle switch over locks that twist to engage.
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    I have a Kaoko on my '07 R with heated grips. Works fine, but while I thought I'd use it, I never do.
    David Brick
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    Put an o-ring between the grip and the bar end weight.
    Kent Christensen
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    I also use the Kaoko on my 07 GS with heated grips. Works fine

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    The Kaoko has one flaw common to that type - as the grip heats up - the locking force increases. I use mine as a "drag" on the throttle - I want it neutral so I can let go at any time and not have the bike instantly slow down, yet be able to easily roll off the throttle. I have carpal-tunnel and arthritis - and that's what lets me ride. Problem is - it tightens up as the grip heater warms up. One chap did make one that wouldn't do this - it had a spring loaded plate that pressed against the end of the throttle tube - the spring allowed for some expansion of the tube with heating, without increasing the friction force. Clever design, dunno if I can find who it was who made it though. I should have bought one..

    And the O ring under the bar-end works well too - and isn't effected by the grip heater.
    Don Eilenberger
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    Douglas Williams
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    This is what I use on my R1200R. I like the thumb pad on the back that allows me to move it without taking any part of my hand from the grip. I can also push down with my index finger without any problem. It's easy to overcome when throttling down and, like me, it's cheap.

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    I'm a Cramp Buster/Throttle Rocker kind of guy.
    And the Chinese knock offs aren't too bad either. Though they do weaken in time if you ride in hot weather. But you can buy a whole box of them cheap!
    Yeeha! Stephen
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