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Thread: Anthony Bourdain....dead at 61

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    Anthony Bourdain....dead at 61

    Well, this is just a shame. Anthony Bourdain no doubt had his demons....but wasn't afraid to talk about them.

    This was a show that I really enjoyed and watched whenever it was on. For me, it brought the best parts of travel and food (cooking) to a television show that was interesting, informative and funny. While traveling to his many destinations, "Tony" would take you through the culture of the area that he was visiting like no other show I have seen.

    More here-

    If you enjoy a show that, in a very short time, will bring you into an areas culture.....catch a re-run.


    And if you need help....ask!
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    Sad news, he was in Newfoundland not long ago shooting an episode,
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    That's two celebrity suicides in one week.

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    Pearls Before Swine - already out in the public domain 6/19/2013, so no issue with posting here... The author, Stephan Pastis, said that he got a personal thank you from Anthony Bourdain writing for this strip.


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