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Thread: SENA SLR Pairing Help

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    SENA SLR Pairing Help

    I am one of the "lucky " ones with the new SLR but battles vids don't show this model. Tips appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by slip View Post
    I am one of the "lucky " ones with the new SLR but battles vids don't show this model. Tips appreciated
    Do you mean the SRL (Shoei Rider Link), the one for the Shoei Neotech II? If yes, as it so happens, I just installed mine about an hour ago. What are you trying to pair it with, and what exactly do you want to know? I paired mine with my Nav VI, but I did not pair it with my iPhone, as the phone is also paired to the Nav, and the Nav acts as the "hub".
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    Sena. SRL

    Thanks Marc: I got it, found that seconds mean a difference in the set up. I could not get to the configuration and stopped too short in the intercom pairing mode. Its nice to be wireless. still have a lot to learn. I am also using a Nav VI. Thanks may have more questions later. Slip

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    Marcopolo -

    OK, I just had my SRL delivered tonight.

    I do not understand the keystrokes from the manual - at least I'm not getting anywhere......

    I want to pair my SRL to the Nav VI and then the phone to the Nav VI. This is how I had my UClear units paired before they gave up the ghost...the NAV VI worked as a hub for the phone and music.

    I have no problem getting phone paired (android). I cannot get the NAV VI to see the SRL when I scan for bluetooth devices - so I assume I'm not using the correct set of keystrokes.

    Could you give me the lowdown on getting the NAV VI scan to see my SRL?

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    OK -

    All fixed. I was misinterpreting the key strokes in the manual, but have it working now.

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    Sena SLR pairing for a group of four riders

    Recently, I went on a trip with 2 bikes and 2 pillion for a total of 4 Sena SLR headsets (we all have Shoei Neotec 2 helmets).

    We about drove ourselves crazy trying to figure out how to pair the headsets so we could communicate as a group. We ended up with an easy fix that worked for us. Basically we wanted to be able to communicate this way: Driver to Pillion, Driver to Driver, Pillion to Pillion.

    The way that the Sena SLR pairs as stated, Last one you pair becomes the 1st on the list intercom. (What I mean is When you tap the center button one time, you will connect to the last person you paired with, Tap the center button twice and you will intercom with the next to the last person you paired with.)

    So for the Drivers: Both Driver headset you had to repeat the following process to achieve the pairing order of: one tap = Driver to Pillion, two taps = Driver to Driver:
    1st, pair the Driver to the other Driver, next pair the Driver to your own Pillion.

    For the Pillions each headset: Both Pillion headsets you had to repeat the following order to achieve the pairing order of: one tap = Pillion to Driver, two taps = Pillion to Pillion:
    1st pair the pillion to pillion, 2nd pair the Pillion to Driver.

    Anytime a Driver taps the center button one time on the SLR he/she connects with their Pillion. When a Driver taps twice on the center button they communicate with the other Driver.

    For a Pillion: 1 tap connects to their Driver... 2 taps they can communicate with the other Pillion.

    I hope this did not confuse you more... The hard part was to realize that EACH headset had to be paired in the correct order.


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