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Thread: Mounting your R1200RT

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    And with some models it is even possible to get the bike off the center stand while sitting on the seat ...

    F=ma˛ or, as a Navy Chief once told me, "If force doesn't work you're not using enough."

    Astride the GSA on its centerstand, I'm on the balls of my feet and even with all of my 150 lbs lunging forward, it usually takes a few tries to collapse the stand. At home in the garage it's even worse; the floor is so smooth it's hard to gain traction and the stand just "scoots". The dog is too embarrassed to watch this show and usually leaves. But I think I have a solution - a piece of that black cushion mat they sell at home improvement stores under the bike. That oughta' provide better traction.

    Edit: Yes, I know this is a R1200RT thread, but physics is model agnostic.
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    I ride my 2016 GS in the "1 helmet and 1 suitcase" preload setting. Always mount on the sidestand by "shooting" my right leg over the saddle (90 degree angle to front of bike), then "scooching" my body onto the seat.
    However, if my fiance is going to ride with me, I'll get on first, drop the suspension down to "1 helmet", have her climb aboard, then bring suspension up to desired ride height. You could do the same thing... just drop ride height to minimum before mounting, then back up once aboard.
    Same thing, but in reverse, for those complaining about bike sitting "too upright" due to longer sidestands. Once off the bike, raise ride height to maximum, effectively giving more lean angle. Repeat in opposite direction before mounting. I'll often do that when parking conditions (extra low street/curb interface) dictate that more lean would be beneficial.
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