I am semi crippled and stop a lot to drink and rest. Health problems prefer to have someone with me to keep an eye on me just in case there is a problem. I refuse to give up riding and work out trying to get stronger and build up my endurance, but not in great shape for 60.
Last year, I had a great guy ride with me to SLC, Utah, but lost out on my buddy riding back, as he had health issues pop up at the Rally. Had to ride back alone, which was somewhat uncomfortable for a guy who's never been on many long trips on bikes.
If you are interested in helping out an old guy get to the rally safely and don't mind taking an extra day or so to get there, give me a yell. I don't ride slow, just stop a lot.
I can pick up with you anywhere between FL and Iowa.
Riding an S1000XR.
May be able to help with some expenses caused by me.
Harleymarlboroman@cox dot net
or text 850 420 27 01