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Thread: How silly do you feel

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    How silly do you feel

    I park in an underground station with lots of ducting and pipes.
    I'm just getting used to my new RT and had been looking at my headlight before I left for work to see if it automatically came on in low light (apparently it does).

    So this morning I pull into my parking space with a large SUV opposite with a big chrome bullbar.
    Next thing my headlight flashes the bullbar and then goes out. This then repeats every few seconds.
    Curious I walk around the front of the bike (it's still running) to check out my lights.
    I wait nothing strange - get back on the bike and the light starts flashing again.
    I get off the bike and walk around the front again - again the lights behave themselves and look back at me as if the say "what!".

    Get back on the bike, yes you guessed it starts flashing again. Scratching my head, I again get off the bike and walk all the way over to the SUV.

    Turns out there is a flickering fluro tube hidden behind a pipe reflecting of the chrome bullbar.
    Have a little chuckle to myself, park up the bike and head off for the office.....

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    Glad you found what was happening.
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    I had to look at your location. Here in the states our lights are on ALL the time.
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    I have an automatic driveway light that does the same thing if I park my truck windshield at just the right angle
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    It's an Azimuth Thing....

    Some years ago, I bought a new home with a whole bunch of garages, each with the usual overhead gear-driven chain. I programmed the remotes into each car's rearview mirror buttons and everything worked fine until my first Spring, when first one door, and then the others started to act up. They'd open and close fine except around the time I would leave for work. I'd pull out of the garage, hit the mirror button to close the door, and, nothin' - it would just stay open. So I'd pull the release handle and close it manually. When I came home in the evening, I'd hit the mirror button and presto - the doors would open just fine; push the button again and they'd close, too. After thinkin' on this for quite awhile I finally figured it out one weekend. Since I didn't have to go to work I could spend the morn' fussing with the doors. I finally realized for about 30 minutes in the morning, the Sun's azimuth and altitude were just right to blind the photoelectric safety sensors. When I fabricated a short collar to prevent the Sun from entering the sensors, bingo - everything worked normally. When I shared this with my neighbor, he told me he'd had a similar experience. Cost him a service call from the garage door fixit guy to learn the same thing.
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    A similar story...

    I was working at a power plant that utilized solar powered LED security lights mounted on 40' poles; about 30 of them spaced about 200' feet apart. Each light was equipped with a solar panel/battery and a sensor to detect when the ambient light level was low enough to switch on the lights.

    After initial installation the lights would seem to randomly come and and then go out ... come back on, and then go out... come on, etc. Up and down the line, all night long, the lights would come on, turn off, come, etc. From a distance it was really amusing to watch this light show.

    It was finally determined that as an individual light would come on, its sensor might detect light from an adjacent pole and shut back off. If that adjacent light turned off, the first light would then turn back on...

    The sensors were mounted too low on the poles ( finally moved higher ) and shield were added.
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