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Thread: 1999 r1100gs won't start???

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    1999 r1100gs won't start???

    So it was a perfect day for riding here in the Chicagoland area yesterday. Got home from the golf course and decided to take the GS out for a nice long leisurely ride. Suited up, put the key in, and click, click click.............nada. One year old high end AGV battery, so I put on the charger. Golf again today and an even better day for a ride today so without suiting up first, put the key in the GS and that same annoying click, click, click again and no ride. Before I have to trailer this to my BMW dealer does anybody have any ideas and suggestion? If this was a car I would suspect the starter. How often to starters on motorcycles crap out???

    Any and all help, suggestions, ideas etc. gratefully appreciated.
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    Starter magnets?

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    Sorry I hit the button too fast and I didn't finish my thought . What I wanted to say was the starter magnets perhaps have broken loose and are binding within the starter housing making it impossible for the starter to mechanically turn.

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    Just because you have a one year old high end battery doesnít mean that the battery is not dead. Try starting the bike with a set of jumpers before you try to diagnose a bad starter.
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    What m_stock said... plus put a voltmeter on the battery terminals when you try to start. If it dives below 10 volts... your battery is suspect.

    Clicking while attempting to start usually means the solenoid is not getting enough juice to kick in. Check battery connections and the large power wire at the starter for corrosion. If OK, use a jumper cable from the POS terminal of the battery and touch the big terminal on the starter. This will bypass the solenoid. If the starter spins your solenoid is suspect.

    If you have the original Valeo starter, yeah... the magnets may have come off the housing wall and are jamming up your starter. EME has replacement parts if you wish to rebuild yourself or just replace the whole unit.
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