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Thread: Lowering a Factory Low '18 GS-LC

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    Lowering a Factory Low '18 GS-LC

    I replied to Touratech Shocks in the Garage, but am actually wanting to lower a Factory Low GS...looking for more discussion.

    We considered the TT for 2 inch lower than stock GS. That's actually only an inch or so lower than a BMW Factory Lowered GS. It's expensive but about the only way we can go if we want lowered and not throwing a fault on the ESA shock wise. If we went for non ESA shocks and added the modules to satisfy the fault issue, the total price would not be that far off from the 4K...maybe save a part of a K. I did get in touch with the Beemer Shop. Nice guys and very helpful.

    For the time being, we cut the foam out of the corners of the sides of the Factory GS low seat and did an admirable job of getting another half inch for my wife's '18 Factory Lowered GS. She's 5'3" and a 29" inseam. We're thinking of taking a bit off the top of the seat for another half inch. It's pretty easy to pull the cover back on and staple it like factory. I used an electric knife (essential to cutting the rubbery foam) and a heavy duty manual stapler with 1/4 inch staples.

    It turns out that the seat designers are more concerned about comfort than getting your legs together to get more boot on the ground. I bought a Sargent low seat for my '17 Lowered GS last year and it is quite wide. When I inquired about it, the answer back was comfort. But they did say that their custom shop would try to narrow it if I wanted.
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    Wunderlich offers something that may help. It can lower the front of the seat 10mm.
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    These guys will add whatever lift you want to any shoes you send them. Helps a lot.

    Let us know how your seat trimming goes. I was already thinking that the lowered GE has very thin padding down there . . .

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    Going to add 1/2 inch to my boot soles. I also will put on the exclusive low seat. Getting the 18 r1200gs low suspension. I also take the seat appart and redo it to fit me and tack more out from the front sides to get to the ground at stop. I rode a GSA low suspension with the exclusive low BMW seat and it works for my 29” inseam and that’s on a good day. With just a little more tweaking it will be very good. Also will get the Wonderlish lowering seat bracket. Hope this helps and 73’s.
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    Hyperpro makes a lowering spring set that fits 13-16 factory low esa. It supposedly adds an additional 1" of sag to the suspension when you sit on it. It is progressive so firms up more as it reaches full compression. No need to alter either of the stands. I have no idea if it will fit the 17-18 models. Klaus @ EPM Performance might be able to get some answers from the factory for you. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkjohnson View Post

    These guys will add whatever lift you want to any shoes you send them. Helps a lot.

    The last time I saw Viki her boots already had a pretty good lift added.
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