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Thread: changing clutch cable

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    changing clutch cable

    hi all.. when changing out clutch cable , which end should i put in 1st? the clutch lever or gear box? also, whats the easiest way to make slack adjustment to get cable on? thank you .. Rich

    bike is a 1999 R1100 RT

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    Put the cable into the clutch lever first. Make sure the barrel end is greased before insertion. Screw the cable adjuster all the way into the lever so you have maximum cable length. Then insert the end at the transmission clutch arm. It should require minimal movement of the arm to get it inserted.

    Once installed, follow the clutch adjustment procedure. Adjust the lever cable adjuster to 12 mm and then use the transmission adjuster to establish 7 mm of free play at the handlebar.
    Michael Stock, Trinity, NC
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    Thank you very much

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    Installed today , thanks again for tip..

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