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Thread: Hi everyone I'm a new member

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    Hi everyone I'm a new member

    I just signed up a new trial member, I'm in the process of buying my 1st BMW a 2009 G650GS. I'm 63 been a motorcycle guy since I was 11 years old. I started racing motocross when I was 16 and raced almost every type of racing except desert. Never been a Harley guy, had a Sporty in the 70s what hunk of junk. Anyway I haven't picked up my bike yet, should have it it 10 days. Its like new 5500 miles on the clock. I'm near Milwaukee WI. I have plans for it but I cannot find an aftermarket performance slip on muffler anywhere and i dont care if its street legal. I'm in Harley land and most of them are running straight pipes and rarely see a Harley rider wearing a helmet either. Ive already ridden it a couple hours and love it, so if any of you can help me with the exhaust, its most appreciated. Planninig on moving to southern Oregon in August near my daughters family no more winter for this old boy.

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    Welcome to the MOA. Can't help with the aftermarket exhaust for your G650GS but maybe someone in that forum section can. Not sure which part of S. OR you're planning to move to but some parts have a significant winter. Good luck on your move and congratulations on your new ride. Have a great summer.
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    I had a 2001 F650GS that I bought from a close friend. Prior to him selling it to me, we would work on the bike together. One of the first things we did was remove the aftermarket exhaust that the first owner had installed, and reinstalled the original exhaust. The aftermarket exhaust that was on it when Bud bought it was so loud it made his ears ring even with earplugs in. To each their own, but I would stick with OEM in this case.
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    Welcome to the forum!
    I can't help you with the exhaust question although it seems to me the question has been asked before.
    Don't get concerned iffin' you get some comments about an exhaust change......They wouldn't have made the new Mustangs rumble a bit if there wasn't a market.
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    Iím guessing you tried google?
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