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Thread: Hi-vis color change on new Schuberth helmet

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    Hi-vis color change on new Schuberth helmet

    I bought a new Schuberth C3 Pro in "Echo Yellow" (Hi-viz) from the local BMW dealership 61 days ago. I've worn it for about 1800 miles of riding, but otherwise store it in my top case when not in use. I thought it looked kinda dingy, but when I popped off the air vent cover to clean, the color difference was dramatic as you can see. The paint exposed to the sun was significantly darker.

    I cleaned the helmet using soap and water per Schuberth instructions, but the photo was taken after the cleaning.

    The dealer tells me this is normal for all hi-viz equipment from all manufacturers. I accept that almost any color will fade after long-term sun exposure, but that usually means it gets lighter, not darker, and usually takes a lot more than two months of intermittent use.

    Is this really normal with hi-viz colors, or is the dealer just feeding me a line?
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    I can't answer the question but do ponder how in the world some guy in a motorcycle shop became an expert in fabrics and plastics.
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    Any helmet manufacturer using hi-viz colors will tell you they will fade over time when exposed to UV rays. Thats why I keep my helmet in a bag when not in use; particularly when I'm riding and stop for lunch; it either comes in with me or gets covered.
    Along those lines, hi-viz colors on fabric will do the same.
    My Klim Induction jacket in hi-viz came with that advisement.

    The attached was included with my C3 pro:
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    Yep, my hi viz Bmw jacket faded in a matter of months also. I donít think in the OPís comment that itís getting darker, just fading...and the underlying color may be darker

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