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Thread: Sena 30k Will Not Power Up.

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    Sena 30k Will Not Power Up.

    I recently charged my Sena 30k unit overnight and now it will not power on. Is it possible that by plugging it in to charge it actually drained the battery? Is this a known issue? Am I just doing something wrong? I made sure the contacts were clean and dry, and the unit was properly seated on the helmet cradle.

    Admittedly, I haven't had too much opportunity to troubleshoot. I rode to work, parked the bike in the hangar at the airport and then focused on business. Just thought I'd inquire to the brain trust while I have two days in a hotel to think about it.


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    I would try resetting it. My Sena 10C has a small hole you can stick a paperclip into and press to reset the device. When mine locks up, that's all it takes to get it working again.

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    Thanks. I'll try that.

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