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Thread: K75 with Airhead RS fairing

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    K75 with Airhead RS fairing

    Has anyone seen or ridden one of these before?I found one for sale,looks nicely done. Iím looking for feedback from anyone that has ridden a K75 with this set up.
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    I haven't ridden this combo, but did ride a K100 with the R100RS fairing. I liked it, and for years played the mind-game of building my preferred K1100RS with the R100RS fairing added. Never pulled the trigger on that job.
    I've always felt the R/RS fairing is the best combo of protection and styling in the industry, so anything using it is a good call. K75s just happen to not be my favorite bike, but that has nothing to do with the added fairing.

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    R-RS fairing

    I did this setup myself on a K75s and loved it!
    My Lava red K75 paint had faded so badly and I found a used R100RS fairing.

    The standard K75s bars fit nicely in the fairing and the bike was rock solid at speed in most any weather. I kept the K75s belly pan since it didn't interfere.

    I still wish I'd kept it after all these years, but I traded it after 12 yrs and 113k miles when the call of a GS got too loud. Now, I'm on a 12r and still smiling!

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