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Thread: service reminder reset

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    service reminder reset

    I recently changed my own oil, but now the service reminder is coming on to let me know that service is due.

    Is there a way to reset the service minder and also set the date in the system without taking it to the dealer? I've got the service manual CD, but couldn't find anything about it other than reference to following the instructions in the BMW Motorrad Diagnostic System.

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    According to some of the threads in the Similar Threads pane below, your choices are either the dealer or using a GS911. I'm not sure if the GS911 ends up being bike specific...seems I remember that it might be tied to specific VIN.

    Maybe if you include your location in your personal information, there's someone close to you with a GS911 that can help out.
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    I did mine with a GS-911. It's expensive but I like the idea of being able to troubleshoot problems and reset nags like that. The regular GS-911 can perform service functions for up to 10 unique VIN numbers but once a slot is set, it's set for the life of the device.
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