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Thread: Odyssey battery replaced after 10 years

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    Odyssey battery replaced after 10 years

    I finally replaced my Odyssey battery after ten years. It was still working well, but I was getting concerned that it might fail and strand me. I replaced it with an Odyssey PC925L. The "L" indicates the positive is on the left side, which is Odysseys recommendation for the K75RT with ABS. I thought some of you might like to know how well the Odyssey served me in case you were in the market for a new battery. Obviously, I recommend them.

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    I've had similar experiences with the Odessey PC680s that I have.

    The PC925 has almost 50% more capacity than the 680. You should be able to power two sets of heated gear, a bunch of auxiliary lights, a radio, gps, radar detector, and still be able to drive to Montreal on the starter motor with that battery!


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