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Thread: 2011 RT - Tire Pressue Monitoring System (TPMS) batteries?

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    Question 2011 RT - Tire Pressue Monitoring System (TPMS) batteries?

    I've noticed that lately when I'm riding my rear tire TPMS is taking longer to show a reading. Does anyone know if the TPMS sensors have replaceable batteries? Or is does the whole assembly need to be replaced?

    I'll be replacing the tires before too long so that'll give me an opportunity to gain access to the TPMS sensors. If it's just batteries that get replaced, that'd be the time to do it.

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    The battery is sealed in the but but people have been able to dig it out and replace it.
    Here's a video if you want to tackle it.

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    To make soldering easier, you may want to try the
    That is what i intend to use when i get to it.

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