Hell to all. Am new to MOA. I bought a used 96 R1100RT with 55,000 on the odo. Had metallic clanking noise on right side...sounded like tranny coming apart. I felt pretty screwed. Turns out it was the buttwerfly in the right throttle body. I adjusted the play in the throttle cable ant it mostly went away. As motor goes to 2000 RPM +, noise goes away. At idle when warmed up, is quiet and smooth. Will investigate syncro of throttle bodies soon.

When I have the clutch out in neurtal, (clutch cable NOT under pulling pressure) there is a rasping noise, rather loud. When the clutch lever is pulled in, noise goes away. Bike runs great, tranny smooth shifting. Any ideas?

Walt Craig, Glenville, PA. New mwmber. 72 yrs old, Ret. USA colonel. 96 R1100RT 56,490 miles) and 84 R100RT, 51,250 miles). Both run great, pleasure to ride. Phone is 717 229 2840

Best regards to all.