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Thread: A day in the Great Basin Desert

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    A day in the Great Basin Desert

    Took a little ride (380 miles) Friday and spent some time in the Great Basin Desert.

    On the way to the visitor center for the Golden Spike National Historic site at Promontory Summit I passed by this site for ATK Aerospace Systems near Corrine, UT. ATK builds launch vehicles.

    It's a pretty big complex very near nowhere!

    A quick stop at the visitor center for a few photos before I headed off to my primary goal for the day. This is where East met West and a golden spike was driven to commemorate the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

    My primary mission was to ride the original railroad bed of the Transcontinental Railroad Route west to the area of Wendover, UT (near the Bonneville Salt Flats raceway) before slogging back to SLC on I-80.

    Riding the original railroad bed from Promontory Summit westward. That's the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake to the south.

    The cemetery at the Kelton site.

    Very sad events for the Forbes family.

    I continued west and south to Wendover, UT and took the fast paved route home on I-80.

    There isn't much out there in that country today and I suspect there was even less in the 1860's. I only saw three other vehicles in 100 miles of gravel travel, two ranchers and one other tourist in a car.

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    Thanks for the report and pics Steve.
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    Looks like an awesome trip! As a photographer, I'm always interested in discovering new destinations for photo shoots... And your trip definitely provided that, so I'll have to add it to my "to do" list.
    I'm envious!! LOL

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    Another great reason to exercise our G310GS's!

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    Nice report Steve.

    When I was at the National last year, I wanted to get to Promontory but it wasn't all that convenient to get to in the time I had. As your photos show, it's in the middle of nowhere! At least now I know what it looks like.
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    Thanks Steve.
    Nice report and great pics!
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    Open spaces

    Is the NASA place the one that had the o-ring problem on the shuttle booster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 179212 View Post
    Is the NASA place the one that had the o-ring problem on the shuttle booster?
    Morton-Thiokal. http://

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSteve View Post

    Hmmm...extra http in link. Try this
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