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Thread: Parts washer???

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    Parts washer???

    Greetings, I'm looking for recommendations of a good parts washer. Im tired of using solvent in a pan with a brush. Do the ultra-sonic washers work?

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    There's one thread in the Similar Threads pane below. Here's another:

    Both a little old, but might be a start.
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    Ultrasonic cleaners are big money. I priced a 3qt model from McMaster-Carr at $800.

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    I found this one but it's out of stock till who knows when. Its sort of small, but most motorcycle parts, are small.

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    Prices have come down a lot. It's easy to find 2.5-3.0 liter models with good reviews for $80-$150. See Harbor Freight, Ebay.
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    Ultra sonic

    Hi I have a nice one if you want to borrow it to try before you buy let me know and I will rescue mine from the local police department ( someone broke into my shop they were holding it for evidence) pm me or call will check on it Tuesday

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