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Thread: 2013 R1200GS time for a new battery

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    2013 R1200GS time for a new battery

    It seems like 5 years is about the life expectancy of a new vehicle battery, and mine is cranking slowly and sometimes not at all. So I started looking for a battery for it, and holy smokes there are a lot of choices and variables to consider.

    When I compare batteries, the YUASA YTZ14S MF is 3 to 4 times more expensive than any other lead/acid battery, and yet it is the one of the only batteries that has consistently good reviews. Nevertheless, why do people pay $155 for one instead of $45 for a MightyMax YTZ14S with the exact same electrical specs?

    I am also curious about Lithium Ion batteries. They have way more CCA, but you need a special charger, they have less reserve power, and on top of that are very pricey. I am kind of thinking they wouldn't be so good for me, but all the same, is is a consideration.

    What are your thoughts and experiences about replacement batteries? I am about 5 minutes from clicking buy now on the $45 one...

    EDIT: I have ordered a MightyMax. I will report back when I get it as to it's fit and build quality. I will, at a much later date, report back and let everyone know if it performed well.
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    You get what you pay for.
    I buy OEM. Most dealers will give a decent discount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 61996 View Post
    You get what you pay for.
    I buy OEM. Most dealers will give a decent discount.

    Point taken. I will call them tomorrow and see what they will do.

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    some light reading on the subject...
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    I had to replace the one on my 2008 GS, I think it was around $85.00 at Walmart and that was for a AGM battery. Knock on wood, the one in my 2013 GS is still good (for now), if she goes I'll buy another one from Walmart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post
    some light reading on the subject...
    I was truly ready to pull the trigger on the MotoBatt AGM with it's extra terminal posts for accessories, but when I went to look at it I found out that the one that fits my bike is their MBTX9U with space plates. It is 1.4 lbs lighter and only 160 cca, where the YAUSA and the MightyMax are both 230 CCA. That is 30% less!

    Dealer didn't have one in stock and the price was like $225 if they ordered. He said try Westco and see what I think. I looked them up and they don't even sell a battery this size.

    I have decided to order a MightyMax.

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    Batteries Plus

    1. YMMV

    2. I went with a Duracel AGM from Batteries + yesterday for my 2010 R1200r. I believe all hexheads use the same spec battery.
    $121.77 with 2 year warranty. We'll see how it holds up.

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    I was fueling up today and the bike wouldn't start. Luckily, there was a smooth concrete hill going out the back and I bump started it.

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