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Thread: A2DP Bluetooth Connection - Terrible Audio Quality

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    Unhappy A2DP Bluetooth Connection - Terrible Audio Quality

    What has been your experience with the audio quality from your A2DP sat. radio pairing to your Sena? I've had various Androids paired with 3 different models of Senas over the years using the phone as my audio source (Pandora in this case), and each time the helmet speaker quality has been quite good. I recently paired my Sat. radio using A2DP (NAV V - 2015RT) and the audio quality is HORRIBLE. Any insights as to why and what can I do to improve it? Id really rather not have to add more gadgets to the bike

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    On my 2012 RT it was terrible also, sounded like a 2 transistor portable radio on the AM band. I eventually went with a Sena SM10 transmitter and hardwired the bike outputs to this for bluetooth. MUCH better. I am using Sena 20S headsets and the SM10 pairs easily to both, works great.
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    In some cases, audio quality can be improved by reducing the Sena volume while listening to that particular source. My SMH10 stores separate volume levels for each source, and reducing the level of the GPS directions made them much more easily understood.
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