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Thread: '57 R60 Steering Stem Bearings

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    '57 R60 Steering Stem Bearings

    I'm just starting to investigate replacing the loose Ball Bearing Steering Head Bearings with Tapered (?)
    Roller Bearings. Anyone know the bearing # or #'s of the updated bearings that are the suggested replacements ?

    Any tips on the subject will not be ignored either.

    I wanted to write in to the forum yesterday, but could not pry my fingers out of the "Death Grip" position till today. My first foray on this, new to me, bike into town produced the (barely recoverable) beginnings of a "tank slapper" 😬 😳. Slow speeds too.
    I prefer not to have that sort of excitement.

    O my goodness the first ride was satisfying after lots of sorting.


    Another observation among many, was how high first gear was. Goodness gracious ! A 32/11 Rear End doesn't help matters but if first gear was a lot lower, the rest would be fine. Anyone make just a lower First gear if I ever have the transmission out ?

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    As far as I know, these bearings are somewhat unique and likely won't be able to find them in a bearing house. I bought my set from Vech at Benchmark Works. My notes are that these are 51 x 34 x 12 but I'm not 100% certain of that. Check with Vech.
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