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Thread: 1996 k1100rs wiring woes

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    1996 k1100rs wiring woes

    Hello all. I am having wiring difficulty with my 1996 k1100rs. When I got this bike it was already taken apart all the way to the rear main seal between the motor and clutch housing. Due to this, I was unable to see how the wiring is supposed to go. I have installed the battery in it's appropriate place. I have one black wire that is coming off of the bundle the motronic unit is attached to. This wire is marked battery. The second wire in question is a short wire with two eyelet connectors on each end, also marked battery.(I verified that this is not the + battery terminal wire) Attached to this thread you will see two images illistrating what I am referring to. My question is this. Is there supposed to be 3 separate wires that connect to the battery rather than two? (Ie two on the negative terminal one on the positive or visa versa)
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