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Thread: Garmin's POI Loader - same POI's as Map updates?

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    Garmin's POI Loader - same POI's as Map updates?

    I update the maps in my Nav V when updated CNNA's are available, and I do depend on the Nav V for fuel, lodging, food, attractions and other touring related POI's. But I've never tried to compare the Loader POI's with the map POI's.

    My question is, is one version of those POI's more complete or up to date than the other? For gas stations, for example, am I missing anything by not using the POI Loader?
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    In my case I have used the POI loader to install custom POIs in addition to the included ones with the latest maps. I think of the POI loader as a tool, not a source for POIs

    An example of custom POIs that can be loaded into your GPS is the POI Factory web site. This is a source of an incredible array of submitted POI collections that should satisfy most anybody's interest. My favorite lists are auto, motorcycle, airplane and locomotive museums. These are separate lists that you can call up when on the road to display in order of your proximity to them. I also have a complete list of federal, state, local and private campgrounds. Very handy. I suggest going to the POI factory site and look around. Everything from airplanes to zoos. The hardest thing is to bore down to the areas of interest useful to you within the memory constraints of your GPS.
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