I was able to go to the closest BMW dealer, which happened to be 65 miles away (one of the hazards of living in a small Florida town) and do a back to back comparison between a C4 and a Neotec II - the Neotec won out, primarily for fit. The C4 was too round, despite being considered the same shape as the Neotec on the Revzilla site. After about 300 miles on the helmet, it was definitely a good choice. The Neotec is astoundingly quiet - so much so that I no longer need to use the noise attenuation settings in my hearing aids AND turn down the volume. The helmet is also much more aerodynamic, such that itís not as affected by side-winds as the Multitec was. The only criticism I have is one that iíve seen in most reviews, which is the lack of a face shield detent that allows the shield to be slightly opened. With the Pinlock, foggingís not a problem, but being able to crack the shield slightly is good in the South Florida heat.