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Thread: Shoei Neotec 2 vs. Schuberth C3 Pro vs. Schuberth C4

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    I was able to go to the closest BMW dealer, which happened to be 65 miles away (one of the hazards of living in a small Florida town) and do a back to back comparison between a C4 and a Neotec II - the Neotec won out, primarily for fit. The C4 was too round, despite being considered the same shape as the Neotec on the Revzilla site. After about 300 miles on the helmet, it was definitely a good choice. The Neotec is astoundingly quiet - so much so that I no longer need to use the noise attenuation settings in my hearing aids AND turn down the volume. The helmet is also much more aerodynamic, such that itís not as affected by side-winds as the Multitec was. The only criticism I have is one that iíve seen in most reviews, which is the lack of a face shield detent that allows the shield to be slightly opened. With the Pinlock, foggingís not a problem, but being able to crack the shield slightly is good in the South Florida heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Campingaddict View Post
    The other thing I forgot to mention was price. I had seen another thread on here regarding prices for the Neotec 2 stating Helmet Country out of New York was very competitively priced for MOA members. I contacted them and asked for Jeff and mentioned that I heard about their site on this forum. Regular price on the excursion models is listed at $799 USD, Helmet Country shipped for $625 USD. Tough price to beat...
    Thanks CA, Ordered an Neotech 2 Excursion TC3 from Jeff today! Amazing deal....ya can't beat it!

    Thanks again!
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    I've had a weird experience. I bought a C3 Pro and liked it a lot. It was a tad uncomfortable at first but I thought it would break in. It never did. Thousands of miles and after an hour, I had to pull over and rip it off. So I bought a Neotec 3--my first Shoei. It was very comfortable at first but, weirdly, has gotten increasingly uncomfortable as I've worn it. The only thing I can figure is that the foam in the lining has compressed. Now I can barely wear it an hour.

    I clearly have an Arai head--I used them for years but really wanted a modular with a sunscreen and something quieter. But now I have a very expensive Schuberth and Shoei that I can't wear all day.

    Maybe I'll just buy a Harley so that I can wear half helmet.

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    I would add the Klim TX 1200 to the mix. I like mine after selling a Neotec and Schuberth nearly new at significant losses. Fit is personal, but it fits me as well as an Arai RX-Q or Quantum. Transitions shield with pinlock capability (gets very dark quickly in bright sun). Great field of view. Super light carbon fiber shell. Seven positive detents for shield. Ingenious chinstrap latch. Secure modular face bar with breakaway feature in the open position. Good venting. Noise level about the same as Schuberth but not as good as Arai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post
    Noise level about the same as Schuberth but not as good as Arai.
    It's interesting how noise level is so dependent on the bike and on the rider's position. On my RT, a Schuberth is significantly quieter than an Arai. But I had my Arai on when I did a demo ride on an R9T and with no windscreen, the Arai was whisper quiet.

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    Went to Shoei N2 from C4. The C4 is a disaster on my G650GS; first, the fitting was imperfect; even with custom-modded pads for XXL, I ended up ending rides with my ears compacted in and probably some kind of damage from the event. Second, for whatever reason, perhaps personal error, I ended up getting some kind of C4 part vibrating like crazy, forcing me to go earplugs only and onto local roads, and warranteeing the C4.

    Ultimately, it doesn't just matter what the brand is. You have to try it yourself, see how well the helmet fits you, your riding style, and your bike.

    Eagerly awaiting a C4 Pro now. Jeez @ Schuberth, how could you drop the ball like that.

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