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Thread: F700GS DIY Toolkit

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    F700GS DIY Toolkit

    Instead of paying for a whole new set of tools, I thought I might raid my dad's endless tool inventory to put a road kit together for my F700GS. Does anyone have a detailed list of what I should carry?


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    T25 fairings, control, body work
    T30 muffler mount, signals, motor chassis, rotor
    T40 triple clamp, brake pivot, rear rotor, brake line
    T45 body, exhaust mount, fork axle pinch bolts, controls
    T55 Bar Ends

    Torx socket
    E12 Front Caliper brakes

    13mm Chain tension sprocket
    24mm Rear axle

    13mm Engine Guard

    Hex Key
    8mm front axle
    10mm oil drain plug

    I usually carry the tools to remove the wheels and to do an oil change with me.

    1989 R100GS, 2017 F700GS

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