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Thread: Beware of Yukon Honda in Whitehorse

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    Unhappy Beware of Yukon Honda in Whitehorse



    Note that I had previously recommended them.

    Went this morning to switch out tires and oil on my GSA. Had my own tires. Labor for two tires, an oil change and four liters of oil: CDN $545. Note that the service tech who took the bike in had told me that they would charge me actual time. That would have been about $240. But when I picked up the bike, the service manager said that they would charge me the flat rate. After refusing to pay, he finally dropped the price by $40. In short, for a tire change, an oil change and four liters of oil (I had already paid for the filter at their parts department) they wanted to charge me $545! After a major fuss, they brought it down to $504. I had no choice but to pay but beware, if you go to Yukon Honda in Whitehorse, be prepared to pay more than they promised. Please note that if you do not drive a Honda, they actually prefer not to serve you. They tell you this outright. I guess I'm the stupid one for having left it there; I should have expected the gouging.

    End of rant.
    First to Tuk.

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    Hi Cemil.

    Hopefully that’s the last of the bull**** on this trip. Good luck getting up the road, we’ve been watching the reports on closures.
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    You could have gone to the next nearest dealer. There is a Harley dealer in Whitehorse and they have helped riders of other makes. After that it is Fairbanks or Anchorage.

    The fact that $500 CDN is only $390 US should lessen the sting somewhat.
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    Out of curiosity what oil did the Honda shop use?
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