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Thread: Riding vacation Colorado

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    Hi Everyone, just wanted to thank you all for helping me out. I'm still working on the itinerary. I had a bit of construction stuff to deal with last week so sorry if I didn't get back to everyone right away. But looking through this now and wanted to say thanks (eh!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sb955i View Post
    Thank you. P.Peak was on my list, and I had Gunnison down as well from reading a few touring articles on it. If you have hwy #'s and ride times, that would definitely help with schedule planning. Much appreciated. Just booked my Denver in/out hotels for the flights in/out. Coming together !

    Is Vail/Aspen/Breckinridge/Montrose worth visiting? crowds?

    We're trying to keep daily mileage reasonable so we get off the bike and do some walking about each day. Say around 3 hrs/day riding..
    Mount Evans! Highest paved road in north America. If its clear the view is incredible.
    Not as busy as pikes peak ( traffic can be tough go early)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWaterCooled View Post
    US 285 from Denver to Santa Fe is a nice ride. Also, I second the above advice. I once got two tickets the same day. The first in Tres Piedras, New Mexico and the second on that stretch of road near Buena Vista, Colorado. As I recall, the first ticket was for 67 in a 55. The speed limit dropped passing by but not entering Tres Piedras. After that I was being very careful and still got ticketed for 57 in a 55 near Buena Vista.
    A ticket for two miles over??? Talk about pathetic That LEO must be going through a divorce...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sb955i View Post
    Looking for advice on rides/roads/accommodations/Must-see's...
    Suggest you get a copy of Steve Farson's book: "The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado". He's a former member.

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    Lots of good CO feedback

    The thread has reached the "too long" stage, but I'll throw my 2 cents in as a Colorado rider. Butler maps is one of the best sources to start your research for planning. Check the app CDOT for road construction!! Some great roads can be a nightmare of delays. Do the desert portions with very early starts and you'll be rewarded with epic vistas. Cheers and have a great ride!


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