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Thread: Nav V won't stay connected to Phone

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    Nav V won't stay connected to Phone

    Hey all,

    I've been having an issue with my Nav V since the start of the riding season and wondering if anyone has an idea of how to rectify it.

    Thew Nav V will not maintain a BT connection to my Android (Samsung Note) phone for more than about a minute. It connects and then just disconnects without any form of error message. I've tried re-pairing the phone numerous times, deleting the connections on both devices first, but it makes no difference. Without the pairing I can't take phone calls through my Sena headset, which is a pain.

    Any ideas?


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    Hey Ski,

    I had frequently experienced this as well. When do you power up your Sena? Before, or after the Nav V? Although I occasionally still lose the connection, it seems to work much better when I first power the Nav V, then my Sena (I have an iPhone 6, paired directly to Nav V, but not paired to the Sena). Oddly enough I have found that if my phone is connected, and then I start talking to my riding buddies also using Sena, the phone will most times disconnect. Not much of an answer, I know, but my pairing method has improved the phone connection for me.
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