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Thread: Loud clatter/ chatter when warmed up 1975 R90/6

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    While cleaning the engine found right rear portion of air cleaner assembly not aligned correctly. It was making contact at the rear, but as I followed the seam to the front there was a 1/8 gap. This followed to the top where it was above the starter cover by the same 1/8 inch. After I corrected the position of the assembly I thought I had maybe found my noise problem. Before if I started the bike and let it idle for about 6 min's the noise would begin. After I correctly positioned the assembly, I ran the engine to the ten min time frame about 5 times over a 3 day period. Not A sound, none. Finally installed the the wheels with new tires last night and took my 1st test ride this morning. After 15 mile ride things were sounding good, no noise. Two hours later took another ride and D--nit, it's back. So will return to air vent updating.
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    Nice find.

    There always seems to be a learning period with a newly acquired machine.

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    Well ... noise definitely being caused by crankcase vent. Removed cover, got bike to operating temp till noise was at full volume. Removed vent cover, when I held fiber disk up or held down the noise immediately disappeared. Tried Snowbum mod with 3/64 inch hole drilled into vent cover. It had minimal affect on the noise. Guess Im ordereding the new reed type updated vent.

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    This is an advance apology to Snowbum. When I read the instructions for modifying the crankcase vent. I, at the time could not imagine drilling a 3/64 inch hole in the disk itself. It would be like drilling a hole through the heart during heart surgery. I drilled a hole through the vent case instead. After it didn't work, I reviewed in my mind his instructions. Drill the hole at the 50% radius position. Will not describe the contortions I went through trying to figure out the 50% radius position of the vent CASE. Nor will I lament how desperate I desired a picture that had a red arrow that said DRILL HERE. This evening I had the shocking thought, what if he did mean drill a hole in the disk. How much simpler his directions became. Even I, can determine the 50% radius position of a circle. So.. thats what I did. Hopefully test ride in the morning. Drilling a hole in the disk would seem to release some of the pressure under the disk, preventing it from establishing a harmonic pressure that resonates through out the crankcase. Says the bear of little brain. Wish me luck.

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    Drilled a 3/64 inch hole in the disk, but after 20 miles or so the noise was back. It helped some what maybe 10 to 20%. Since I want to eliminate the noise I'll have to try the newer breather, hose, and cap.Thanks everyone for your suggestions and involvement.

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    All you really need is the reed type breather. You can use all the other existing parts. A little dab of JB Weld would plug that extra hole you drilled in the cover.

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    Had sealed the hole I'd drilled in the cap with permatex when I had drilled the hole in the disk. Also considered ordering just the reed base. But decided I liked the look of the upturned hose fitting on the new cap, as well as the sinusoidal look of the new hose. Have such a distain for the noise I could imagine the impediment to noise and oil ladened mist the whole new set up might give. So... close to $130.00 dollars on the credit card and within a week all should be on it's way. Only to take a 40 mile ride this morning stopping and idling at 20 or so stop signs or lights, not a sound. No chatter, clatter, warble, gobble, nothing. Perfect ride. They always need to let you know who is in charge,don't they.

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