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Thread: Stealth camping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluegrasspicker View Post
    This is the site for you! I've stayed in some nice places using this,
    Indeed- that's the site for me! Thanks...I see googling gets other such directories :

    your suggestion looks as good as any. Thanks

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    Small town cemeteries were one of my fav spots. Arrive late and ride to the back.
    Not really good for Friday/Saturday nights. Teenagers still want to bring their dates and cruise thru to scare them.

    Houses and bldgs for sale if you can see the driveway hasn't been used in a while and you can get around back.

    You an instant sleeper? I've used wooded medians of highways with good success. Just a little noisy if you are sensitive.

    The only trouble I usually have is the neighborhood dog.... they always seem to find you no matter where you stop and they're always lookin' for a handout!

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    I crossed the country once sleeping out behind the building in rest areas on freeways. But it was a long time ago. I have no idea how that would work out now.
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    When hard pressed, I've pulled into a fire station and asked to pitch out back for a night. Doesn't hurt to ask, and I've always found the person in charge that night to be accommodating once they found you were kinda stuck for a place and it was late.
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    As the population increases and problems have occurred with squatters, drug addicts, gates left open and trash left behind it is now much harder to get permission. The perception of liability if something happens also works against you. Cemeteries increasingly get vandalized. Churches also have issues. We are becoming a nation of haters. I used to stealth camp, no longer even try. Sad sad sad state of affairs.


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