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Thread: 2016 RT - Looking for Driving Light Mounts

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    2016 RT - Looking for Driving Light Mounts

    Hi all. I'm looking for recommendations for Driving Light Mounts for my 2016 R1200RT, and your suggestions and experience will be welcome.

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    Check out Clearwater lighting

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    Clearwater has fork mounts and under the mirror mounts for a variety of their lights..
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    Denali offers some very nice Denali driving light mounts, too. Check them out on the Denali site or the Touratech site
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    Yes, I've just been directed to "Twisted Throttle" and the range of Denali products that they sell for the RT.
    Their Denali D4 2.0 TriOptic lights, with adjustable beam spread and over 8,700 lumens look pretty good.
    I really like the concept of the cansmart controller, that integrates with the bike's controls, and has the simplicity of "Plug & Play", that suits an electrical know-nothing like me.

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    A Hex ezCAN for the canbus, PIAA mounts from Amazon, and a Set of Rigid D2 driving lights from Amazon. For about 600 bucks total you can have one of the most awesome Aux light setups there is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDERR1150GSADV View Post
    Clearwater has fork mounts and under the mirror mounts for a variety of their lights..
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