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Thread: Crush washer blues

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    Crush washer blues

    Got the super convienent super maintenance pack from beemer boneyard...awesome service and delivery, thanks

    Unfortunately, the kit was missing two crush washers

    On my 2004 r11s the final drive fill plug uses a larger crush washer than the other four provided, and the transmission drain plug is really big, no crush washer in the kit for that

    Not too worried about the final drive fill plug, I reused the old crush washer, don't see leaking being a reality at the top of the case.

    The tranny drain plug did not have a crush washer on it when I removed, so I'm guessing not all that critical, but it does make me a bit nervous

    Should I acquire the correct crush washer and redo the tranny oil?


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    No crush washer shown for the drain plug on the 1100S
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    Ufda happens..........

    Need your R11xx Hall sensor rewired? PM me.

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    crush washer on drain plug of tranny

    Thanks......I saw that exploded diagram also but wondered if they showed crush washers?

    Actually found documented that some ("some") r11s's have no crush washer on tranny drain plug. Clymers does not have that documented.

    Good news was that the drained fluids were not terrible, not new, but not 15000 miles old either....I purchased the bike from owners in CO, it's in really nice condition but the only documented service was the 600 mile break in completed in 2005 (2005 r11s).

    This weekend oil and valves, hoping to find equally good conditions.

    Thanks for the reply

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    Odd but not a biggie: the fische for my '04 RT doesn't show a crush washer on the trans drain plug either, but it's been there since Day One, so I've always renewed it. I figure it can't hurt and it may reduce the possibility of over-tightening.
    If you get the official BMW "oil change kit", that's the filter plus a big collection of crush washers, everything you need (so I have extras - always good!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSAddict View Post
    No crush washer shown for the drain plug on the 1100S
    The K1200RS/GT Brick also did not have a washer on the transmission drain plug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larrydk View Post
    Should I acquire the correct crush washer and redo the tranny oil?
    Nope. No crush washer on tranny plug on 1100S.

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