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    I'm glad to be riding again after 10 years without a motorcycle, and enjoying the 2013 R1200RT I purchased last October. The MOA FaceBook Group was great helping me figure out what I needed for tools, etc. for my first of many trips. I had an old Rally Run BMW MOA map from the MOA July 2006 rally. Not sure where I got it but have held on to it all this time. Today I am planning a trip to the New York Adirondacks which makes me wonder if MOA or others have saved all the Rally Run routes in a library. It would be a great resource for members to use for trip planning. I have attached an example photo of a really nice map. The detail is pretty good so you can zoom in.
    2006 Vermont MOA Rally Guide.jpg

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    Welcome, Rick! To tell the truth, I don't think I've heard of this sort of thing. Just before the national rally, the ON publishes information about the rally and possible rides in/around the rally location. Of course, the farther you get away, it makes it harder as people are coming from all directions.
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    Another Welcome too you Rick. I also have that map from the 06' Vermont Rally! That was a nice product for sure. I picked mine up at the rally after riding the Peaks of America Tour, a joint venture that year of the Boise ID RA, CO's Top Of Rockies Rally and then into in VT MOA. This map may have been a "test" type product as its similar to what a Butler Map is now. Was this one of the first of its type?
    I don't recall seeing one MOA Rally specific before or after. I've subsequently used the map twice on travels through that area...
    and if a rider could get this type product about six months before each yearly MOA it would be gold!

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