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Thread: Hello again, from NEOhio!

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    Hello again, from NEOhio!

    Well, I have come back....home. I've been a member before, the latest was 2009. I've owned a '99 R1100GS and '00 R1100RT while living in Germany, and in 2004 I bought an '01 K1200LTC here in Ohio. Sold all my bikes looking for something different. Tried Suzuki, Kawasaki...had 4 different H.D.'s, then spent a few years without anything to throw my leg over. Well, the years are piling up and now into my 60's. I want to experience my beemers again.

    So, I'm looking for a well aged (that is 'read' affordable) RT or RS. Finances have always been an issue and still are, but I am not hindered with a lack of mechanical ability or ambition. I think I'm looking for a well maintained unit and actually not afraid of a high mileage unit as I think it only proves 'it made it this far', it only has much more to give.

    So if you know of any available units or suggestion to get to my goal, they are all appreciated. I have always appreciated this organization and its class of members.... In hindsight, I should have never left.

    Tigagreen. aka Bob Mallory

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    Welcome back, Bob! Try looking at the Marketplace at the top of the page. Also, check the usual places like craigslist, etc. Good luck on your hunt!
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