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Thread: S1000 XR demographics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinty View Post
    Here's a link to the ADVrider thread on the XR. There's lots of information here; maybe do a thread search:

    And welcome.

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    52 years old here. Love the bike.

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    62, just bought a 2016.

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    I've replied a couple of times on this thread, it's been rolling since mid-2018. I'm 73 next month and just bought my 2nd XR. I had originally been looking for a 2016 XR last June while in lockdown where I live, and got my head turned by a great deal on a new, red one with low suspension (5'6" with 27.5" inseam). Took a month and rode the 20XR from Wisconsin, down the Mississippi and then east into Asheville, where my main storage unit is. From there ran it to Florida for the winter and then came home, where I had to self-isolate for 15 days, and two Covid tests before I could rejoin society (we are Covid Free where I live, and they are very careful about screening people this way, but it sucks if you like to travel). Anyway, while I was in self-isolation (2 bed waterfront condo on a Caribbean Island, hard to complain) I started looking for another 2016XR on the west side of the US, and found the perfect bike! 10,700 miles, all farkled up and the guy never rode it in the rain. Anyway, the bike is pristine, Akrapovic exhaust, Ted Porter Beemer shop suspension overhaul for low suspension ($$$), trick led turn signals front and rear, BMW rubber handlebar mount upgrade, custom this, custom that, custom seat, and all the orig stuff pretty much brand new with it fora very competitive price. Just caught the guy at the right time, wife didn't like the bike, house up for sale, moving, etc. etc. The bad part, I had friends pick it up, I probably won't see it until April/May next year, when I can travel again (hopefully the vaccine will kill Covid and the travel restrictions will be removed). The bike is in Washington state so no point going out there until it starts to warm up, maybe early May. Meanwhile, if travel resumes, I'll be playing with the 20XR in Florida. Hope the vaccine gets here soon:

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    "Red" RT //"Blue" F850GSA
    "Green" F850GS //"Black" Yamaha Virago/S1000XR "Shred"

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