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Thread: 2019 XR Fuel Capacity and Range

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    2019 XR Fuel Capacity and Range

    I have read in all kinds of places and reviews that the fuel capacity is either listed as 5.2 US Gallons, or 20 litres.
    Now, it's been my experience over 3000 miles that when the fuel light comes on the range usually reports 35-42 miles, and the most the tank will take is 4.2 gallons. That leads me to believe the reserve is 1 US Gallon. Also, I'm not that brave so I've only ridden for another 18 miles and the range was correlating at 17 miles, the fuel bars had vanished but it still only took 4.5 US gallons.
    Here's the point of the post - how much have y'all managed to squeeze in the tank, or how far do you ride it past the fuel light coming on?
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    I go by my trip meter, not the onboard computer data. Running back from Ca. one night, the bike starting counting down to miles left on tank. It was another 25 miles to the nearest station. When I pulled in, the bike took 4.5 gallons [ which meant I still had 3/4 gallons left ], while the computer told me I'd been out of gas for 25 miles.

    I've since determined on my bike, when the light comes on, I've got that 1 gallon reserve.
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