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Thread: S1000 XR demographics

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    Quote Originally Posted by satxbiker View Post
    Just traded in my RT for a 19XR and I am 52 years old and female. I am looking forward to the inline 6 versus the boxer engine plus the 100lbs of less weight.
    you will have to look really far forward to find that inline 6 in your XR...they have an inline 4cyl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 148105 View Post
    How old are you S1000XR riders? I am 71 and bought my XR last fall. I figure I may be at the top of the age range. I am guessing this will be my last new motorcycle. I like everything about the XR except being stuck in traffic at 35 mph. The engine makes an odd sound at that pace. I find the seat even passable,though as the miles pile up I may change my mind about that.
    Not quite an XR rider yet but I'm about 95% of the way to trading my '16 GSA for a new '18 XR. I'm 73; now or never.

    Still not an XR rider, but I have progressed to XR owner. Didn’t trade the GSA, traded my beloved F800R instead. Riding will commence when spring arrives.
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    I bought my 2018 XR last March after owning my first BMW a 2003 K1200GT that I had purchased used in 2016. I have driven her almost 8500 miles and I turn 64 Monday.

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    Nice XR

    I'm almost old enough to get one as well
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