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Thread: Denali Soundbomb Camhead Installation

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    Denali Soundbomb Camhead Installation

    Thanks to a couple of recent minor traffic cut-offs where that damned little meep-meep horn was completely ineffective, I decided to get me a set of "Man-Horns" to install.

    I have searched around a bit but never really found any good guides for a Camhead. I've seen a few for Wetheads here and there that showed it installed in place of the OEM unit so I thought maybe it would work for this as well. I got the Denali yesterday and it was immediately obvious that it would not safely fit in that area so I started tearing off the tupperware in search of a home.

    What you see here is a test-fit that I think is going to work just fine. I used the OEM horn bracket bent to a shape that keeps the horn away from the oil cooler line and fuel tank. I had to drill a second hole to move it further up to clear the fairing lip. In this orientation the horn openings face inward (open out into the suspension cavity) so their screech is not impeded at all. I like it.

    With all the bits put back together, in this location, the horn is free to vibrate meaning that it won't touch anywhere and is tucked up completely under the fairing, is not visible, and is completely clear of any suspension movement. I'm going to add a bit of foam to the tank and the fairing to damp any vibes. An extra plus is that I could use the OEM bolt and bracket so there was no need to fabricate anything or buy any more hardware.

    I might add a few more pics but I figured this one would at least help show that there is a good spot available for the horn in this generation RT.
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    I've been thinking of doing this myself, thanks for the write up and photos.

    How is the sound?
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    I ran out of time last night to finish it and all I really wanted to do was was to figure out where to place the thing. That's 90% of the battle with aftermarket gizmos. The rest is just wiring.

    Given the opportunity to do it again I think I'd get the two-piece version. The single is a pretty chunky piece of hardware and I was lucky to find someplace big enough to take it. I think the only other spot would have been under the seat near the diagnostic port and I wasn't too thrilled about putting it there.
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