How many would be interested in following a blog of a beginner that does long distance travels with an experienced ride, both with custom sidecars.
I started in April of 2017, I am closing in on my 20,000th mile. My grandfather has been riding for over 64 years, and about 8 of those are with a sidecar.
If you are, is there something in particular that you would want to see? How to align the bike, lean, toe-in? How to wire the lights or a spare battery for charging purposes that charges as the bike runs but doesn't drain the bike battery? Or moving the brake pedal to the sidecar wheel to help with control and steering purposes? How to change the rear wheel? Ways to pack luggage for a sidecar?
I'm asking because I have had conversations with a lot of women and couples talking about their concerns with a sidecar but eager to look into the idea (I guess out of fear of dropping the bike).