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Thread: Brake pad recommendations '09 R1200RT

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    Brake pad recommendations '09 R1200RT

    The dealer put new Michelin tires on my '09 R1200RT today, but said the front brake pads were almost down to the wear indicator. I'm about to leave on a 2000 mile trip, and he thought I should change them before I left. His price for the parts was $291 plus $150 labor. Both seem extreme to me, so I need advice from people with more experience.

    1. If the front pads are "almost on the wear indicator", am I going to do damage if I ride 2k more miles before replacing them? I am not a hard rider, but I will be over in the hills of eastern Tennessee. The current pads have 23k on them (I bought the bike last year with 17k).
    2. Are those prices realistic for BMW parts and labor?
    3. Any suggestions for after-market pads? I don't mind paying for good quality parts, but I don't want to pay triple just because the box shows "BMW" on the side. I would appreciate any recommendations on brand and type, i.e. 'sintered', semi-sintered, semi-metallic, or organic.

    Also, any pro's or con's I should consider, and any tips on changing the pads other than what's in the CD Repair Manual?

    The BMW repair manual says to use their special "piston resetting device" to force the pistons back. What is the best way to do this without those special tools?

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    I don't know about BMW prices for pads. Would not use oem front, as they leave residue
    and hate to see the rims get dirty first day after washed the bike!! I like EBC Synterized
    pads, work well, fairly priced. Changing pads is a breeze, if you do it once, will be wondering
    why did you ever pay a dealer for such a job!!

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    I wouldn't be afraid to go another 2000 miles on pads that were short of the wear indicators, but your riding style might be more aggressive than mine.
    Think how thick the pads were when new, and how many miles it took to wear them to where they are now.

    In any case, here's where I get my pads and much more:
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    Two sets of front EBC sinthered pads will cost you around $70. (I've been using them for years with no issue)
    I agree with what Temesvar said. After changing them yourself once, you will wonder why you paid any one to do it.
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    Thanks everyone!

    I took your suggestions and ordered the EBC pads so they'll be here Friday. It's not worth trying to stretch a few more miles out of pads I can easily replace myself for $73 -- and I'll enjoy doing it.

    I'm all for supporting Motorrad. That's why I bought my tires at the dealership today even though I could saved a few dollars elsewhere. However, I want Motorrad and the dealership to treat me fairly too. Trying to charge me for 4x the price just to have the BMW logo on the box feels like gouging.

    You guys helped a lot!


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    EBC and do them yourself!
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    Easy Cont.

    Mini Tech – Hex/Cam-Head R1200RT/GS Front Brake Pad SwapDo you have the desire to work on your own bike but are a little too nervous about unbolting serious parts from your expensive bike? I’ll show you something you can to at home that requires minimal tools and is less messy than doing an oil change. Changing the front brake pads on a Hex Head or Cam Head RT/GS must be one of the easiest maintenance items you can perform on a modern BMW motorcycle. Remove one safety clip, unscrew one bolt, slide out the old pads, slide in the new, screw the bolt back in, and clip it with the safety clip and you’re done!
    1. Place the bike on the center stand so you can easily turn the front forks to the left and right. There is no need to remove the brake calipers from the fork tubes.
    2. With your fingers or an instrument that won’t mar your brake disks, push the brake pucks back into the recesses of the caliper. I tap a carpenter’s wedge shim between the brake disc and the existing brake pad just far enough to get a gap for the thicker new brake pads.
    3. Using needle-nose pliers or similar tool, remove the spring safety clip near the top center of the caliper. It prevents the brake pad mounting bolt from falling out of the caliper if the bolt becomes loosened.
    4. Remove the brake pad mounting bolt with a T-30 Torx driver and Remove the brake pad retaining clip from the center of the caliper.
    5. Slide the used brake pads out of the top of the caliper using needle-nose pliers or similar tool.
    6. Slide the new brake pads into the caliper from the top opening making sure to place the friction surfaces toward the brake disk.
    7. Replace the brake pad tension spring.
    8. Replace the brake pad mounting bolt making sure the tension spring is underneath the bolt. Tighten the bolt to 7Nm or 5 ft lbs. (just a little more than hand tightened)
    9. Replace the brake pad retaining bolt safety clip onto the slot cut into the bolt.
    Pump the handlebar brake lever several times to reseat the brake pads before you pull the bike off the center stand. You are done. Enjoy your accomplishment and your new brakes!
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