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Thread: Rear tire crown flattening

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    Hi, easy.

    Factory tires, Metzler Roadtec.

    Never paid much attention to air pressure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 40dcoe View Post

    Never paid much attention to air pressure.
    Is this a serious reply?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Is this a serious reply?
    If true, then very serious indeed.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Sammy Joe

    Not to come across as lecturing, but...
    Some of the riding experience with tires can be very subjective, when talking about "Feel", "Handling", or "Ride". Other aspects are very factual - "Wear". Some folks make the mistake of believing that motorcycle tires should wear like car tires - 40,000 to 50,000 miles on a set. They do not not wear the same, regardless of the size of the bike or the brand. Accept that "fact" and be guided accordingly.

    The bike I had the most experience with (after moving from an '84 R100RT on which I used Metzlers exclusively) was my '98 R1100RT (bought new). Put about 40,000 miles on that bike before trading. Lived in Florida at the time and yes the saying of "The Tail of the Dragon - 318 curves in 11 miles " - "Florida 11 curves in 318 miles" is true. So we did a lot of flat land riding, but each year we put the bikes on the Auto Train and went North to ride back to Florida down thru the mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia so we got our "curvy riding quota" in. The R1100 came with Metzlers. Liked them OK. Next tried Dunlops, liked them a lot, nice "Feel" and decent mileage. Then tried Avons. Loved their "Feel" and handling. Nicest roll into a turn of any. Decent mileage. Last tried Michelins. Like them. Very good mileage, decent "Feel".
    The rear tire always wore in the middle first. Fronts always wore on the sides first Sometimes the wear was pretty even center and sides - depended on the mix of riding we did.

    The R100's we had/have use tubes in the tires and we always use natural rubber tubes for safety's sake. Natural rubber tubes do not hold air as well as butyl tubes so they need a little bit of air every time we ride (I always check before we set out). The tubeless tires hold air very well, but I check every time we set out- just to make sure. Riding with the proper air pressures for the type of riding one is doing is critical. Too much tire pressure makes the bike ride rough and guarantees high wear down the center. Too little air pressure makes the bike feel wiggly and causes the tires to overheat and wear funny.

    I don't think there is anyone on the Forum who knows more about tires and tire performance than Paul Glaves. Since he has done all of the maintenance, repair and tire replacement for his lovely bride - Vonne - as she has ridden over 1,000,000 BMW miles. So take whatever he says to the bank. Try to find a balance between being too anal about tire wear and too lax.

    Sam Creasman
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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
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    I wont beat around the bush on this.
    this is an old thread, but in all seriousness, I had experience on my HD with tires going VERY quickly. Especially on the rear.

    I literally had the condition as stated previously where I had a "good" tire in morning, and literally had steel belts showing by mid-day.

    If its flattening out, IMO its time to trash the tire. I have had the rear go super low on me at 65 and I DO NOT want to repeat that.

    Life is a bit more important than bragging rights.

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