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Thread: 05 R1200RT- Issue With Garmin 550

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    05 R1200RT- Issue With Garmin 550

    For some years, I have had a Garmin 550 permanently wired in to the BMW Sat Nav connector plug taped to the headstock on my 05 RT. No problems

    Recently I acquired an Optimate charger, the model with the CANBUS selection setting.

    The Optimate turns on the Garmin 550 while its charging. I can turn the Garmin off with the rubber button on the Garmin unit, but it tuns on a few minutes later.

    So, I have questions :-

    1 Why is it so

    2 Is it a drain on my battery

    3 Can I stop the Optimate switching on my Garmin 550


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    If off, the Garmin comes on as soon as "new" power is supplied, as if it is just plugged in. So the Charger and Canbus have no power to the GPS but then supplies power to that circuit - which causes the Garmin unit to turn on. That is the why. How to fix it is your choice. I would install a new outlet directly to the battery and let the charger ignore Canbus entirely.
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