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Thread: Heed Crash Bars 2012 BMW R1200RT

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    Heed Crash Bars 2012 BMW R1200RT

    I just wanted to post my experience with the Heed Crash Bars on my 2012 BMW R1200 RT.

    This product is difficult to install. I have installed both Wunderlich and Touratech on my previous Hexhead RTs. The real time syn is the removal of the engine bolt to use the Heed supplied bolt in its place.

    My bars do not completely clear the left fairing, and have a contact point directly behind the cylinder head. I contacted the seller and tried to resolve this issue, but they told me the bars were correct and the faring must be a one off problem.

    The right side bars fit fine, and allow installation of the fairing. The left side bars will not allow me to install the fairing without removing the bars. I knew that I would have to remove them to service the cylinder heads, but having to remove them to remove the fairing seems crazy, and just the left side.

    I believe my left bar to have one bad bend and requested a new left bar. I was not able to get one.

    I saw one other review that had similar problems and discounted it as someone who did not have experience with his BMW.

    They did offer to refund if I returned the bars, but with the uninstall labor and the return shipping cost I just decided to keep it. When I have to do the next 12K service I will just leave these off and buy something better, even if the cost is twice these bars.

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    Sorry about your experience! i have a 08 and worked out fine.
    Yes, i had to have a friend to press down on front end to change
    the bolt, which was done that way easily. Now to remove the
    cylinder heads will only have to remove 4 bolts and bars will come off.
    Had problem with the rear bars, that just did not fit my model/year bike.
    i guess those will end up as scrap, unless i find someone that wants them,
    for free!

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    That stinks... I'm surprised that they won't allow you to ship the one side back and get a new one (even at your expense). I had great communication with them in the past. I wonder if anyone local has a set that you could compare with?

    I have a set of the rear crash bars for my 07 R1200RT - took about 15 minutes to install and they fit great.
    1995 BMW K75s - 100k and climbing!
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    I did request a new right side bar but they said it would be the same and have the same interference. They were nice and responsive, but unfortunately the outcome is the same.

    I ordered the and installed the TRex Racing in the rear. They are very nice and a very easy install.

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