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Thread: Running lights not working

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    Running lights not working

    '72 R75/5
    I fired it up, yesterday, for the first time since last fall.
    Bike runs fine. Everything works, except the four amber running lights.
    Headlight, all turn signals, brake lights.........all work fine. running lights.

    I assume a problem with the switch in the headlight bucket, but before I aimlessly wiggle and potentially make the problem worse, any suggestions on the best approach?
    Although I no longer ride at night, annual state inspection period ends May 31st. No lights, no sticker.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    /Another Bob

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    Your amber running lights are not original equipment on the R75/5. So, if they aren't working it should not impact your state inspection. All four stopped working? Sounds like a fuse. Trace wiring back to see where the running lights tapped harness for power. Any recent work done on the bike?
    Michael Stock, Trinity, NC
    R1100RT, R100, R60/6

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    Thank you Michael. Yes, it was a bad fuse.

    Thank you for your observation and recommendation about where to search.
    The problem was in fact a fuse that was no longer completing its circuit; not a fuse in a bike, a fuse in my brain.
    The bike did not have a problem (other than its operator, yours truly).
    The bike now has its cherished inspection sticker.

    On to bike #2.

    Thank you.

    /Another Bob

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