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Thread: Interesting article on Bessie Stringfield

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    Interesting article on Bessie Stringfield

    Lots of information I did not know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDC650GT View Post
    Lots of information I did not know!
    Nice find. We stand on the shoulders of the giants in our sport that came before us. There’s been a couple of articles shared on our MOA Facebook group page about Bessie. The NY Times article has some nice details not previously shared. Thanks for sharing.
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    I've got stacks and stacks of motorcycle mags going back to the early 80's. Read several articles about this woman riding her Harley all over the country back in the day. If I remember correctly she was a traveling motorcycle riding gypsy. Most of the articles seemed very positive about her riding, kind of a woman motorcycle riding pioneer. Good for her to get all the accolades for all her accomplishments from the past.

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