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Thread: Long time BMW owner, first time member

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    Long time BMW owner, first time member

    So I purchased a new R1200GS in November after owning several used BMWs - an 1974 R90/6 then a 2001 R1100RT not to mention my Dad's 1968 Triumph Bonneville. I've always wanted a GS so last year I decided to sell the Triumph to my twin brother and ship it back to PA and also sell the R1100RT. It was hard to part with the Triumph but there's only so much space in our small garage. At least it's still in the family. I absolutely love the new bike, me and two buddies will be heading to RawHyde Adventures for the class and ride in June. The bike is almost ready for the trip.

    This forum has been very helpful with my research on protective equipment for the GS. I've already installed crash bars (BMW), headlight protection (AltRider), skid plate, radiator guards and new larger foot pegs (Black Dog Cycle Works) and some other minor things. I purchased a great tool kit which was super helpful from Adventure Designs as well.

    I'm wondering what other equipment or extras I might need. Do I need a battery tender/charger with this bike? If so which one is recommended? If anyone has taken this class, do I really need larger motocross type boots? Well that's it from here.

    Don in Burlingame, CA

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    Welcome to the forum, Don! When you get a chance, drop in a picture of your new ride. We like to look at bikes!!
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